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Чит коды к игре Infinity Blade 2

Чит коды к игре Infinity Blade 2Infinity Blade 2 — это ролевая экшн-игра, сиквел игры Infinity Blade, выпущенная компанией Chair Entertainment совместно с Epic Games. Данная игра была создана и работает только на Apple iOS, причем не на всех устройствах Apple. Это связано с тем, то что игра создана на движке Unreal Engine 3, который не поддерживается на устаревших гаджетах. Первое обновление до версии 1.0.1 было 4 декабря 2011 года.

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Hints (Советы и подсказки)

Best possible Combos:

Left, Right, Left = Best 3 hit combo (Huge Hit)
Left, Left, Right, Right = Best 4 hit combo (Mega Hit)
Left, Right, Up, Down, Left = Best 5 or greater hit combo (Ultra Hit)
Technique hint:
Parrying is the most useful move you can pull, master it and you will conquer
the God King with ease.

Easy +100 Attack gem:

At the start of the game, when you get the +100 water attack gem to equip to
your infinity blade, stash it in your inventory the first chance you get. Once
the tutorial is over, the best possible gem you can aquire is yours. You can
even sell it if you’re short on cash.

Easy Money scheme:

To do this scheme you will need some of the following weapons:
Gelder, Halfstar, Infinity Blade, Thistle, Ricochet, Imperial.

1. Reset the Rebirth.
2. Play through Rebirth nr. 1 normally.
3. Play through the 2nd Rebirth until you’ve just passed the spot with the big
dragon statue in the middle. Choose to go left.
4. Beat the enemy in the room with all the sealed doors, then unlock as many of
the doors as you can and start grabbing items.
5. Repeat step 2-4.
6. Sell all of your abundant items.

Достижения (Achievement)

The Combinator
Objective: Perform 2,000 combo attacks

Objective: Block 10,000 attacks

Objective: Parry 20 attacks

Tap master
Objective: Parry 5,000 attacks

Float like a butterfly
Objective: Dodge 20,000 attacks

Sting like a bee
Objective: Perform 100 stabs

Can’t touch this
Objective: Execute 1,000 perfect blocks

Perfect Timing
Objective: Execute 1,000 great parries

Perfect Aim
Objective: Execute 1,000 perfect slashes

Moving on up
Objective: Attain level 10

In the sky
Objective: Attain level 60

Objective: Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces

Break the Bank
Objective: Acquire 500 treasures

How to get that?
Objective: Aquire the Sheriff Armor (Trick)

The first of many
Objective: Master an item

Objective: Master 100 items

I never saw that!
Objective: Fight Warden outside the castle.

Perfect Duelist
Objective: Win a fight using Sword and Shield without taking damage

Perfect Fencer
Objective: Win a fight using Dual weapons without taking damage

Perfect Thug
Objective: Win a fight using Heavy weapons without taking damage

Come back soon!
Objective: Get the game infinity swordthug and come back to infinity blade 2

Plated Minion is found dead!
Objective: Defeat the Plated Guard (Final Death)

Its Okay To Hit Girls
Objective: Defeat Saydhi

The bigger they are
Objective: Defeat Thane

Death of written word
Objective: Defeat The Archivist

Stone Cold
Objective: Defeat The Stone Demon

Objective: Defeat MX-Goliath

The harder they fall
Objective: Defeat Thane (Final Death)

Objective: Defeat The God King using Sword and Shield

Size Matters
Objective: Defeat The God King using Heavy Weapons

Two is better than one
Objective: Defeat The God King using Dual Weapons

Life after Death
Objective: Start New Game Plus

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